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Grow student engagement by growing fresh food

Turn disengaged students into hungry learners and future changemakers.

Stundent Engagement

Student engagement - a growing concern

In today's fast-paced world, students are facing an onslaught of distractions and are becoming increasingly disconnected. Traditional teaching methods just aren't driving engagement like they used to.

Driving innovation in the community

Driving innovation in the community - a constant struggle

The best educators are always looking for innovative ways to impact their students and their community. But they can’t risk their investment (or reputation) on solutions that simply don’t work or engage students at scale.

Gaps in food supply chain

Gaps in food supply chain - a hidden nightmare

Sourcing food from your own, sustainable hydroponic farm helps you create your own hyperlocal food system and frees you from the constraints of the existing supply chain.

Want a new way to get students excited about science?

Want a new way to get students excited about science?

Traditional methods aren’t engaging enough. Even when educators try something new, it often results in limited participation or inadequate hands-on learning.

A solution that engages students at scale.
Support to guarantee success.

Let learning take root

Let learning take root

When students are engaged, they are happy. They connect with the subject matter and are inspired to deepen their learning and then apply what they learn in school to the world outside the classroom.

Cultivate the next generation of farmers

Cultivate the next generation of farmers

It has been proven that connecting students to fresh food can have a positive, transformative impact on their health, education, and community.

Allow educators to educate

Allow educators to succeed

Teachers and school support staff are stretched to the limit and cannot afford to waste time babysitting projects that don’t engage their kids. Adopt an easy-to-manage solution and allow educators to focus on teaching and fostering student growth.


Why traditional school gardens aren’t enough

A school garden program offers benefits like academic growth and community connection. Indoor hydroponic gardening provides a practical solution, offering a simple, impactful way to create transformative hands-on learning opportunities where outdoor gardens fall short.

Kid Planting Seeds
Traditional methods aren’t cutting it

Traditional methods aren’t cutting it

Stop wasting time and money on projects that don’t engage students at scale

Low-yield gardens do not engage at scale

Most hydroponic garden systems can teach science concepts, but aren’t large enough to engage a full classroom or impactfully feed the community.

Teachers are frustrated, wasting time on solutions that don’t engage

Adopting a program that does not have an education-first focus makes it very challenging for teachers to truly engage their students.

Too much time and money managing the solution rather than educating

What is a teacher’s reward for trying new, or innovative, things in the classroom? Having to spend more time implementing and managing the project than educating.

Traditional classroom tools or over-complicated hydroponic alternatives lead to disappointment.

Traditional classroom tools

A low-effort, high-impact solution that will exceed expectations

An easy-to-manage solution, plus support that all but guarantees success while also freeing educators to focus on teaching kids

Connect kids with growing fresh food

An educational hydroponics experience in YOUR community supported by OUR community.

Connect kids with growing fresh food

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