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Spend less time growing and more time teaching

Adopting easy-to-manage solutions with a robust support network practically guarantees success while allowing educators to return their focus to teaching and fostering student growth.

Innovation in the Classroom.
Impact in the Community.

Real-world examples of the impact of hydroponic farming in the classroom and the community.

Fresh Food For Our Kids

Unleash the power of growing fresh food

Unleash the power of growing fresh food

We believe that growing your own food promotes nutritious eating habits and a close connection to the living world around us. When placed in schools, Flex Farms give kids the opportunity to learn about agriculture while providing nutritious food to encourage lifelong healthful eating habits.

Farmative Tour

Take a tour of the major features of Farmative, the online community that helps you grow with Flex Farm. A Farmative membership is included with the Flex Farm for all Fork Farms’ growers

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Farmative Tour