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Flex Connect

Flex Connect is a centralized hydroponic solution for large-scale farm operations. By connecting individual Flex Farms to a single water system, it minimizes the labor required for farm management. 

The modular design of Flex Connect enables effortless expansion of your hydroponic operation. Experience enhanced crop production, reduced maintenance time, and increased energy and nutrient efficiency with Flex Connect.

Flex Connect Features

Flex Connect Features

Configurations are available in 4-12 Flex Farms per system. Multiple Flex Connects can be installed to meet your specific program requirements. Fork Farms provides a complimentary Site Survey and Site Plan to ensure the best Flex Connect solution for your program needs.


  • Comprehensive growing support
  • Access to Farmative community for large-scale farmers
  • Enrollment in the Cultivation Program for Flex Connect systems with 12+ Flex Farms

Key Features:

  • Centralized hydroponic farm management
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Increased crop versatility
  • Optimized energy efficiency