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Kid Eating Food

Grow food that is better for your community and the planet

We believe anyone can be a farmer. Growing fresh food in the Flex Farm requires no experience and minimal time. Grow up to 288 plants in less than 10 square feet of space. Each Flex Farm can grow more than 394 pounds of produce annually with minimal environmental impacts.

  • Patented water and energy-saving technology
  • Grow indoors, year-round
  • 288 plant spaces
  • Only 1-3 hours of farm upkeep per month
  • Less than 15 minutes to assemble
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Flex Farm vs. Traditional Agriculture

food miles and waste


food miles and waste

less land required


less land required

less water required


less water required

Flex Farm

What is a Flex Farm?

The Flex Farm is an indoor, hydroponic farm. They’re portable and only require a standard electrical outlet and less than 10 square feet of space.

Every Flex Farm has 288 plant spaces and comes with a fully self-contained water system, energy-efficient LED light tower, and a submersible pump


  • Starter Supplies Box with seeds, nutrients, pH adjuster, and grow medium – everything needed to grow for 3 months
  • Tools to maintain your farm
  • Free access to Farmative – digital resources and grower community
  • Expert help from the Partner Support team

Farming designed for everyone

We make hydroponic farming simple with the Flex Farm - no green thumb required. Our technology delivers the power to take control of your food, from seed to salad.

Our community of farmers includes educators, students, nonprofits leaders, food service professionals, chefs, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, and more. Together, they are cultivating a food system that works for us all.

Farming designed for everyone

Flex Farm growers have…


1.2 million servings of fresh food each year


$1.4 million by growing with the Flex Farm


5.9 million gallons of water


“I love the idea of students being able to garden year-round and not be limited by the winter weather. As an educator, I knew students would see the Flex Farm and they would be automatically drawn to it. Having this system allows them to see their progress throughout a growing cycle. It’s amazing how chemistry is involved, checking the pH level and nutrient level on a daily basis. When kids notice something is going wrong or if there is an issue, I let them figure it out. It’s really fun to watch them see success and use their problem-solving skills.”

Emily Bennett
High School Teacher

“Our school is heavy into service-learning. We had the kids brainstorm about what they believed was an issue the community faces. They suggested hunger. We engaged with a local pantry and the kids grew fresh lettuce to be donated. It was an amazing opportunity because it encouraged students to think about how they could improve their community and gave them the ability to take action themselves.”

Cassandra Graff

“As a former science teacher and current curriculum resource for our district, I want to compliment Fork Farms on the high quality of the Flex Farm. The ease of use of the components and well-thought-out design make it very usable in the classroom. Having the curriculum materials available allows teachers to incorporate this wonderful resource into their teaching as part of the core instruction and not just a stand-alone project”

Dr. Georgia Kraus
District Curriculum Coordinator

“The Flex Farm is revolutionary for education because it allows students and teachers to use it as a flexible, hands-on and interdisciplinary tool for teaching that goes beyond traditional ‘sit and get’ teaching methods,”

Wendell Willis
Former Chief Operations Officer

“The Fork Farm system is innovative because it simplifies the hydroponic approach, minimizes the footprint necessary, and has an integrated lighting system. Support for running the system is great, and the staff are always willing to answer questions and stop by to help. Now, we are able to teach everything from the nitrogen cycle to the life cycle of plants to the benefits of healthy eating with one system. Students are engaged with the system at every stage of the process, from seeding to harvesting, to packaging and selling. This is a great addition to any classroom and school.”

Hason Stellmacher
High School Science Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydroponic farming?

Hydroponics: The “hydro,” or “water,” is key to growing in this form. Hydroponic farms do not use soil but do have a growing medium, such as Rockwool. Hydroponic plants need nutrients and can be grown in vertical racks, towers, or vertical panels.

Who is the Flex Farm for?

Fork Farms believes that anyone can be a farmer. The Flex Farm is for anyone with a desire to grow highly nutritious, chemical-free, fresh food year-round, indoors. Its compact size and high yield capacity make it the perfect fit for educational institutions, culinary operations, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, families and more. Indoor farming is revolutionizing the way we bring fresh and healthy food to our communities.

What can I grow in a Flex Farm?

The Flex Farm is optimized to grow all varieties of leafy greens such as lettuces and culinary herbs. Our partners have seen success growing cucumbers, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and even pumpkins. Imagination and experimentation are the keys to unlocking the full potential. We’re still making discoveries ourselves!

How many pounds of food can I grow in a Flex Farm?

That all depends on what you plant! Some plant varieties weigh more than others. It also depends if you are growing leafy greens, herbs, or fruiting plants such as strawberries and tomatoes. Overall, we say a Flex Farm has the capacity to grow more than 20 pounds of leafy greens every 28 day grow cycle.

How much time does it take to maintain a Flex Farm?

On average, you can expect to spend about 1 – 3 hours per month maintaining your Flex Farm. This includes the time it takes to plant seeds, transplant your seedlings, and harvesting.

Do you provide fundraising resources for nonprofits?

Absolutely. We are experienced in helping organizations connect with funding opportunities. We offer a Philanthropy Tool Kit and fundraising assistance for qualifying organizations. Contact us at info@forkfarms.com.

What is Farmative and how can I get access?

Farmative is a digital platform for you to engage with transformative tools and our global community. Through Farmative, you can access growing and programming resources, purchase grow supplies online, and connect with other Fork Farms partners. Farmative is free for all Flex Farm users.

How much energy does it take to run a Flex Farm?

Each Flex Farm requires a 40W pump which runs continuously, and six LED lights which each draw 40W for an average of 18 hours daily. Therefore, at any given time, you’re only ever drawing 280W per Flex Farm. Each Flex Farm uses 158 kWh/month if run based on our recommendations.

How can I get a Flex Farm?

Flex Farms can be ordered directly through our website at https://forkfarms.com/flex-farm/ or through one of our Partnership Development Team Members.

If you’d like to order a Flex Farm through one of our team members, please reach out through our chat function on the website, or by email at info@forkfarms.com.

How much does it cost to operate a Flex Farm?

At the national average of $0.13 per kWh, it costs approximately $20.59 per month in electricity to operate a Flex Farm for the recommended 18 hours per daylight cycle. Other costs include growing supplies such as seeds, nutrients, and Rockwool (grow medium). On average, most people budget about $300 per year.    

What’s included in the Flex Farm?

Each Flex Farm comes with everything you need to start growing for your first few months, hardware and growing supplies included. Plus, your purchase includes free access to Farmative, our digital platform to access growing resources and connect with the Flex Farm community. Learn more about the Flex Farm here.

What do you charge for shipping?

A standard flat rate shipping charge of $150 per Flex Farm is applied to contiguous continental United States orders. Additional shipping charges apply to orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and beyond. Shipping charges are calculated and applied during checkout. If you are located outside the Continental US or to request expedited shipping, please request a shipping quote by emailing orders@forkfarms.com.

Is Fork Farms on social media?

Yes - stay connected with us and up to date on all the latest Fork Farms news! 
https://www.linkedin.com/company/fork-farms: Fork Farms on LinkedIn
https://www.facebook.com/ForkFarms/: Fork Farms on Facebook
https://www.tiktok.com/@forkfarms: Fork Farms on TikTok
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https://www.instagram.com/forkfarms: Fork Farms on Instagram

Terms & Conditions of Referral Program

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