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Flex Acre

The Flex Acre is a revolutionary hydroponic solution that leverages ground-breaking controlled agriculture technology to enable communities to grow fresh produce at scale. It is the most efficient and transformative hydroponic solution on the planet.

The Flex Acre brings hydroponic growing at scale to everyone, from schools and corporations to nonfarmers and seasoned farmers. By upending the traditional food system, the Flex Acre empowers your community to create sustainable, lasting change in how they eat. 

Flex Acre

The Flex Acre farm system maximizes vertical space to grow fresh food at an enterprise scale with no prior farming experience required. The system matches the industry-leading energy efficiency of the Flex Farm with four times the output. Flex Acre farms are mobile and operate with a unified water source, the Acre Connect, allowing for flexible farm management. 

The Flex Acre system includes the Acre Command, a groundbreaking, fully integrated HVAC, power, and plumbing solution to recapture the room’s energy and water and grow crops with different environmental needs simultaneously. This revolutionary technology makes the Flex Acre system the most efficient and flexible enterprise hydroponic farm available.

Make any indoor space a farm

The Acre Command is a fully integrated HVAC, power, and plumbing solution that recaptures the room’s energy and water. This technology minimizes the number of facility updates required to install an indoor farm, lowers capital costs, and shortens installation timeframes. 
Flex Acre systems, in tandem with Acre Commands, are completely modular, offering simple and efficient opportunities for expansion. The system has the capacity to grow crops with different environmental needs simultaneously. This flexibility enables the cultivation of a variety of plants in the same area at the same time.

Flex Acre

Flex Acre Package


  • Each Flex Acre farm comes with a self-contained water system and pump
  • Up to 12 Flex Acre farms can unify on one Acre Connect plumbing system
  • Built-in casters for mobility and flexible management
  • Quick disconnect irrigation for modular space optimization
  • Dishwasher safe panels
  • Includes Free Access to Farmative
  • Expert Growing Support 
  • Optional: Integrated Acre Command technology manages HVAC, electrical, and irrigation in virtually any space


Starting at four Flex Acres, the growing capacity is: 

  • 4,608 plant spaces
  • 400 lbs. of leafy greens per month 
  • 4,000 1/2 cup servings of leafy greens


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