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Change lives by connecting kids with growing fresh food

The Flex Farm helps teach kids how to grow fresh food and learn the science behind it. More than that, it can have a transformative impact on their lives outside of the classroom.

The Fork Farms Story

Community-centered hydroponics for all

An educational hydroponic farming experience in YOUR community supported by OUR community. With the right technology, coupled with end-to-end growing support, anyone can be a farmer.

Efficient, scalable hydroponic technology

The Flex Farm is the most efficient, scalable, and transformative indoor, vertical hydroponic technology on the planet.

Easy-to-manage systems + end-to-end support

Growing success with the Flex Farm is all but guaranteed, with support from the internal Fork Farms team of experts as well as the Farmative community.

Everyone can be a farmer, but you can stay focused on being a teacher

Curriculum guides and other learning resources are also available to empower educators to focus more on teaching than managing the farm.

Read the Inspired Farmer Blog

Find inspiration and get the latest stories and trends on hydroponic farming!

Can You Grow Food Year-Round With an Indoor Hydroponic Garden?

Hydroponics is a groundbreaking method of cultivating plants without the use of soil. This innovative technique has transformed the way fresh, nutritious food is grown. By ...
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Indoor Garden Systems: What Are They And Should You Buy One?

Indoor garden systems are revolutionizing how people grow plants and vegetables. Rather than using traditional soil and depending on the elements (sunlight, humidity, etc.) to ...
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How Much Food Can a Hydroponic Farm System Actually Grow?

Hydroponic systems offer a powerful and innovative approach to gardening. They provide a controlled environment for plant growth without the use of soil. Instead, crops are ...
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Hydroponic Garden for the Classroom: Best Options and How to Get Started

Hydroponic gardening is rapidly gaining popularity as an innovative and engaging method of cultivation that challenges traditional agricultural practices. By growing plants ...
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How to Choose an Indoor Hydroponic Garden System: What to Look For

Hydroponics has revolutionized the way we approach growing fresh food. Instead of using traditional soil, this modern and innovative method of cultivation relies on growing plants ...
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The Best Hydroponic System Classroom Service Projects We've Seen: Cultivating Growth Beyond the Garden

In an era where education transcends traditional learning boundaries, integrating hydroponic systems into classrooms is a transformative tool to enhance education and cultivate a ...
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What Are The Best Resources To Learn About Hydroponic Farming?

Hydroponic farming is revolutionizing the way we grow plants. It's based on a foundation of finding sustainable and efficient solutions to help our environment, increase ...
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The Top Reasons Gardeners Love Hydroponic Systems and You Will Too

Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without soil. It has revolutionized the world of growing fresh, nutritious food. With the ability to grow plants in an indoor, ...
Fork Farms Team

The Best Hydroponic Seeds for Beginning Growers

Discover the benefits of pelleted seeds for beginner hydroponic growers and learn about the best plant varieties for hydroponic gardening. Get tips on storing and handling ...
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What to Grow in a Hydroponic Garden

Discover the top plant varieties that thrive in hydroponic gardens and learn how to grow them successfully in your indoor hydroponic garden.
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The Community Impact of a Hydroponic Farm

Discover how hydroponic farming positively impacts communities, promoting sustainability, economic development, and well-being.
Fork Farms Team

An Introduction to Indoor Hydroponics

Discover indoor hydroponics and its benefits for sustainable food production. Learn the basics of hydroponics and how hydroponics farms can help build resilient local communities.
Fork Farms Team

Are Hydroponic Gardens Better Than Soil-Based Gardens?

Are you interested in cultivating produce and starting your own garden? Perhaps you’re considering a hydroponic growing system versus an outdoor garden.
Fork Farms Team

What Types of Fruits and Vegetables Can You Grow With a Hydroponic Garden?

Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow fruits and vegetables without using soil. Instead, plants are grown in a special nutrient-rich solution, which can result in faster growth ...
Fork Farms Team

A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Hydroponic Gardens and Farming

Hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil, is rapidly becoming an extremely popular methodology for farming. The technique grows plants in a nutrient-rich water ...
Fork Farms Team

The Best Science Activities for the Classroom: How Hydroponic Gardens Engage Students

For decades, traditional outdoor gardens have been a staple classroom activity. However, with the latest innovation in agricultural technology, indoor hydroponic gardening is ...
Fork Farms Team

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Hydroponic Farm: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the potential costs associated with setting up a hydroponic system. Explore the various factors that influence the overall expenses.
Fork Farms Team

How to Maximize Hand-on Learning in Science Class

Discover effective strategies to boost student engagement and understanding through hands-on learning in science class.
Fork Farms Team

An Overview of Commercial Hydroponics Systems

Discover the numerous advantages of using commercial hydroponic systems for efficient and sustainable crop production.
Fork Farms Team

4 Myths About Hydroponic Growing Systems: Busted

For anyone interested in trying hydroponics but still acquiring knowledge about the process, it can be challenging to discern fiction from fact. Like any growth method, there are ...
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Indoor Hydroponic Farming: It's Not as Difficult as You May Think

Starting a new project or exploring uncharted territories can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. If you're new to indoor hydroponic farming, it may seem overwhelming to ...
Fork Farms Team

Growing your own food has the power to create positive change

Increase engagement in schools, drive positive perception of fresh food and improved nutrition, and forge connections within the community.

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Take a tour of Farmative, the online community that helps you grow with Flex Farm. A Farmative membership is included with the Flex Farm for all Fork Farms’ growers.
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