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Change lives by connecting kids with growing fresh food

The Flex Farm helps teach kids how to grow fresh food and learn the science behind it. More than that, it can have a transformative impact on their lives outside of the classroom.

The Fork Farms Story

Community-centered hydroponics for all

An educational hydroponic farming experience in YOUR community supported by OUR community. With the right technology, coupled with end-to-end growing support, anyone can be a farmer.

Efficient, scalable hydroponic technology

The Flex Farm is the most efficient, scalable, and transformative indoor, vertical hydroponic technology on the planet.

Easy-to-manage systems + end-to-end support

Growing success with the Flex Farm is all but guaranteed, with support from the internal Fork Farms team of experts as well as the Farmative community.

Everyone can be a farmer, but you can stay focused on being a teacher

Curriculum guides and other learning resources are also available to empower educators to focus more on teaching than managing the farm.

Growing your own food has the power to create positive change

Increase engagement in schools, drive positive perception of fresh food and improved nutrition, and forge connections within the community.

Farmative Tour

Take a tour of Farmative, the online community that helps you grow with Flex Farm. A Farmative membership is included with the Flex Farm for all Fork Farms’ growers.
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Farmative Tour