What to Look For in a Top Hydroponic Garden Company?

Hydroponics can be a great opportunity to grow fresh produce and herbs. However, if you’re new to hydroponics or looking to scale your current system, it can be a bit challenging to get started. Aside from choosing the right hydroponic garden, the second most important component of investing in this technology is selecting the right hydroponic garden company you will work with. A hydroponic garden company that fits your needs and goals will lessen the learning curve, provide ongoing support, and serve as the vital partner you need to get started.

The hydroponics industry is hot and was valued at USD 5.2 billion in 2023. As a result, there are a lot of hydroponic garden companies out there. While there may not be a perfect fit for everyone, there are companies that can bring you closer to your unique needs, depending on your experience, ambition, available space, and more.

Here are a few considerations to make while looking for the right hydroponic garden company for you.

Tested and True Hydroponic Products

With the popularity of hydroponic gardens, there are bound to be products that range in quality. A hydroponic garden company with products worth considering will have insights about how well the garden works (our Flex Farm grows up to 25+ lbs of fresh food every 28 days, as an example), testimonials, inspiration on how to use it, and opportunities to connect with experts. While it is hard to tell until a product is in use, when in the early decision-making phase of a hydroponics journey, it is essential to get these initial insights.

The Best Hydroponic Companies Offer Ongoing Support

From purchase to setup to use, a hydroponic garden company that provides ongoing support is going to be a worthy partner. There are bound to be challenges along the way, and you want to have a company that you can call up and ask questions. Some companies may only specialize in selling hydroponic garden systems, and may not be able to assist beyond recommending parts. An established company with experience guiding customers, however, is going to be crucial in assisting at every stage of your journey.

For example, take a restaurant that wants to invest in its own hydroponic gardening system. An experienced hydroponic garden company can answer questions about the benefits of hydroponics, which crops can be grown in a hydroponic system, the space and equipment needed, and any challenges they can expect with implementing a system in a restaurant environment. 

Hydroponics Learning Tools

Whether you’re an experienced grower or just getting started, there is always something new to learn with hydroponics. Some hydroponic garden companies provide resources such as blog posts, lesson plans, videos, grow guides, and content guides, making it easy to assemble and sustain your system, as well as optimize the growth process. While hydroponic systems work similarly, depending on the seller, they may vary, making it important to have this kind of information available. 

Imagine an educator, for instance, who wants to invest in a hydroponics system for their classroom. Materials that help teachers, as well as their students, understand how to maintain and use their systems are crucial. Without these resources, it can be challenging to incorporate hydroponics systems into lesson plans or keep students engaged.  

Hydroponics Case Studies

Hydroponic gardens are an investment, and it is helpful for consumers to know they’ll get their desired result. A lot of hydroponic garden companies offer case studies to show evidence of their garden in action. Here at Fork Farms, for instance, we have case studies to describe our relationships with elementary schools, food pantries, healthcare organizations, and more.

In our case study with Operation Food Search, we describe their annual estimated cost of savings on produce, the capacity of food servings, and how many families are served. This information is important for similar organizations with the same values and goals as Operation Food Search, giving them an expectation of their potential yield. 

An Energized Community

One of the best ways to learn about hydroponics is from other people who have successfully implemented systems. That’s why some hydroponic garden companies have communities (such as our Farmative Community) that can connect you with growers all over the world. As there are so many reasons to use hydroponics systems, in a range of climates, communities can help you get advice from growers with similar challenges. 

A food bank, for example, looking to implement a hydroponics garden can look to others who have already done it, potentially learning from their mistakes. This kind of community can be vital for non-profits and organizations that need to get a return from their hydroponic garden.

A Top Hydroponics Company Should Have Customer Feedback and Reviews

There’s no better way to tell if a product is a good fit than getting insight from current and previous customers. Whether it is reviews available on their site or positive feedback in the press, top hydroponic garden companies will have a trail of happy customers speaking out about their experiences. 

In an article for Spectrum News, for example, Genevieve Winkler, a Green Bay Southwest junior, spoke about her experience working with Fork Farms and hydroponics at her school. 

“I think something that’s really cool about this is that we get to grow the actual food for our students. The lettuce that our students are getting served on their tacos every day is coming from our school,” she said. The article continues to elaborate on how the school has implemented hydroponics into its curriculum and cafeteria menu and is amongst a range of stories about our customers.  

Complementary Hydroponic Products

In addition to hydroponic garden systems, many hydroponic garden companies sell supporting products like nutrients, grow kits, and seed bundles. The additional products, designed to support their hydroponic gardens, give consumers confidence that every part of the system will work together in tandem.

Getting Started with a Top Hydroponic Garden Company

There are a lot of hydroponic gardening companies on the market, and it can be challenging to know which ones are the best fit. Each has different hydroponic garden systems to choose from, with unique advantages and disadvantages. From the very beginning, Fork Farms guides customers through the sales, onboarding, and process of setting up a hydroponic garden, making it possible to have a seamless experience. Ready to learn more about our Flex Farm, active community of growers, growing resources, and more? Get started today!

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