4 Companies Leading the Way in Indoor Hydroponic Farming

As one of the quickest-growing industries, hydroponic farming offers opportunities for investors, aspiring farmers, chefs, teachers, and restaurateurs alike. Not only can this innovative farming method fulfill this demand, but the solution is vital for combating food and water shortages in places that lack natural resources. The companies that seize the chance to get involved in hydroponics and find creative ways for aspiring farmers to grow plants and produce will be vital in pushing this industry forward.

The Growing Hydroponic Market: 4 Companies Leading the Way in Indoor Hydroponic Farming

Estimated to reach $25.1 billion by 2027, the growth of the hydroponic market is as robust as ever. The significance and impact of the industry cannot be understated, as there are many environmental benefits of hydroponics, including reducing water usage and overall carbon footprint. Indoor hydroponic farming, for instance, uses between 80 to 90% less water

There are a number of companies (including us, Fork Farms!) striving to innovate in hydroponics and help solve complex problems in an ever-changing world. In 2022, our Flex Farm products worked to save 19,216,399 gallons of water compared to traditional agriculture. Due to our unique energy-saving system, we also conserved 7,162,208 KWH of CO2 energy. We’re looking to lead a Fresh Food for All revolution, creating a better, cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable food system for our communities, one farmer at a time. 

Other Companies Innovating in The Future of Food

These are just a few examples of the possibilities and potential of indoor hydroponic farming and what many companies are working to accomplish. For indoor hydroponic farming to make a real long-term impact, there need to be innovative companies in the industry driving industry progress. Here is a selection of notable companies also contributing to hydroponic advancements.


Based in California, Plenty Produce grows fresh lettuce and greens using vertical plant towers, allowing them to develop the same yield as a conventional farm in just 1% of the area. Their products include Crispy Lettuce, Curly Baby Spinach, Baby Arugula, and Baby Kale grown without sun, soil, or pesticides. The commercial-scale vertical farm supplies companies such as Walmart and Whole Foods Market.

Lettuce Grow

Lettuce Grow offers a range of indoor and outdoor farm stands that support up to 36 plants, depending on the model. Lettuce Grow also sells organic seedlings such as orange cauliflower, bel fiore radicchio, purple snow peas, Celine purple beans, and a variety of flowers. 


BrightFarms in New York State uses hydroponic greenhouses to grow greens, making positive environmental impacts such as using 95% less shipping fuel than conventional agriculture. BrightFarms allows most of their greens and salad kits to ship to supermarkets just 5-7 days after harvest, providing the freshest possible product. In 2020, the company opened a 280,000 sq. ft. farm in Selinsgrove, PA. 

Freight Farms

Freight Farms provides a large-scale product in the form of hydroponic container farms, hydroponic supplies, as well as ongoing client services and support. The company has made it possible to provide fresh and healthy food across a range of environments, including jungles, wilderness, deserts, beaches, and more, with 600+ farms across five continents

Fork Farms: Leading the Way in Hydroponics

As a visionary company in the hydroponic sector, Fork Farms is a forward-thinking, technology-savvy, people-passionate company. Fork Farms' mission and commitment to sustainable agriculture has led to awards, recognitions like the Inc. 5000 list, as well as partnerships that position Fork Farms as an industry authority.

A few of Fork Farm’s many accomplishments include:

  • In the top 25% of fastest growing private companies in America this year
  • The #1 fastest growing company in Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • The #10 fastest growing company in our home state of Wisconsin

Through our indoor hydroponic farming solutions, we are wholly dedicated to creating a better, cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable food system. Our solutions are built upon the following features:

  • Our technology allows anyone to produce more food per square foot at a lower operating cost. 
  • Our efficient design of the Flex Farm creates the most impact in a more compact space and with a more economical up-front investment.
  • Our partnership model transforms how people grow and connect with fresh food, leading to impactful and sustainable change. 
    • Farmative, our digital platform, allows Flex Farm users to engage with transformative growing and programming resources and connect with our global community. Best of all, Farmative is free for all Flex Farm users.
  • Our tech also allows users to grow at a commercial scale using Flex Acre and Grow Hubs to solve the complexity of controlling indoor environments at scale. 
  • Our Utility Hub integrates a productized HVAC, power, and plumbing solution that recaptures natural resources such as energy and water to lower operating costs.

The Push For a Greener Future

With the potential for further growth and advancements in hydroponics, sustainable farming is set to lead us to a greener future. We believe in hydroponics, and with our Flex Farm system, you are enabled to own where your food comes from. Learn more about indoor hydroponic farming today and how to join a connected and motivated community of growers.

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