Fork Farms uses patented technology to grow fresh food fast.
Working together to create a healthy, sustainable food system.

At Fork Farms we believe that growing food is a vehicle for positive change and that access to the freshest, highest quality food is a human right.

That's why we create modular, vertical, hydroponic farming systems that work for everyone. Each one of our systems is built specifically for you and designed to fit your specific needs.

Our patented technology is the product of over a decade of continuous research and 28 prototype iterations. We needed our system to be the most energy, water and space efficient farming system on the planet and we are proud of our incredibly low operating costs. We think our technology can be a true conduit for social change.

At Fork Farms we envision a future with a decentralized food system that puts the power of production into the hands of the people.

We are partnered with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin to deliver indoor and outdoor vertical farming systems to schools, food pantries and other social service providers in the communities we serve. We don't just teach people to fish - we give them a fishing pole. Contact us to learn more!

  • We fit 100 acres of land in 1 acre of space

  • For every 100 pounds of nutrient used conventionally, we use 32

  • We use 3 gallons of water for every 100 used conventionally.

  • We use 28 kWh when others need 100.


Anyone can be a farmer, we'll show you how.


Product Solutions
Stew has been with Fork Farms from the beginning. With experience in small business management, Stew leads the day-to-day assembly and shipment of our farming systems. He is an expert on how our systems function and is a key resource for our long term partners.


Co-founder and Fork Farms leader, Alex is the inventor of our farming systems and methods. With almost 10 years leadership experience in the social service sector, Alex is bringing his passion for hunger relief to inspire food system change across communities.


Business Development Manager
Gil is a self-proclaimed recovering attorney with over 30 years of management, partnership development and hydroponics experience. He leads our indoor farm operations and business development efforts. Give Gil a call if you’re interested in what we’re doing.